Our offering

Ramudden offers flexible, tailored solutions for all types of work sites. We are also a force in the provision of training aimed at ensuring that everyone working on and along roads has the appropriate expertise.

All-in-one for safe work sites

Our solutions are based on close proximity, extensive expertise and the enormous commitment of our staff, as well as compliance and the desire for efficiency at all stages. Our preference is to join projects early so that we can optimise them right from the planning stage based on logistics, safety, finance and environmental aspects. Because customers hire equipment from us instead of buying it themselves, we can also ensure a high utilisation rate and resource efficiency over the service life of the equipment.

Our solutions include:

Services - Our expertise in planning and designing safe work sites allows us e.g. to draw up and visualise the traffic control plan (TC plan) and make all the necessary permit applications, since we keep track of relevant laws and requirements. We can also help with effective traffic planning to boost the productivity of the customer’s project. Moreover, we also provide a range of safety-related services, such as closures, equipment installation, traffic management, surveillance and work site incident management.
Training - Working on and along roads requires the right training and expertise. In many cases, the customer’s employees need approved certification from public authorities such as the Swedish Transport Administration or the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Ramudden’s training department provides both the internal and external training courses required for working in hazardous
Products - We provide all the necessary equipment for a safe work site, such as signs, barriers, traffic lights and TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) vehicles. We ensure the right things are in place whenever and wherever they are needed. We work actively on innovation and continuous product development so that we are always ahead of our customers’ needs when it comes to making their work sites even
safer and more efficient. Our solutions for digitalisation of roadworks are an important part of our offering. 2023 saw further advances in our investment in innovation. These took the form of the acquisition of Worxsafe AB, Wopio AB and Smartprotect Nordic AB, bringing product development closer to home, and the creation of Ramudden Digital. The latter will be a dedicated business unit for our digital innovations and will support all 11 countries within Ramudden Global.