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Sustainability report 2021

Our ambition is to be a leading, driving force for sustainability in our industry. Our Sustainability Report for 2021 is now published digitally.

Sustainability report 2021
We are working to achieve long-term sustainable operations based on the UN’s global goals. Our ambition is to reduce the impact of our operations while being a leader and a driving force for a green shift in our industry. We work actively on innovation and product development but for us, sustainability is also largely about a way of being and acting.
- During the year, we have worked hard to transform our culture and ways of working into more structured roles, procedures and processes across the company. We also have implemented a major branding project in which we have tried to capture what we call the Ramudden spirit, and worked on an “employee value proposition” to give our employees a clear set of values, says Hans-Olov Blom, CEO Ramudden
This report includes the operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Canada. Nice reading!