Ramudden, Chevron, AVS and Fero, known as Work Zone Safety Group of Companies (WZSG), add four industry leading companies to their Canadian Portfolio

WZSG, the largest temporary traffic and safety solutions specialists in Europe, through its Canadian subsidiary Ramudden Inc. has acquired 100% of the shares in Canadian Traffic Safety leaders Stinson Equipment Limited (Stinson Owl-Lite), Stinson ITS Inc., Direct Traffic Management and Dynamic Traffic Control Services.

Left to right: Jesus Munoz Iglesias (Ramudden Inc), Morten Finslo (Ramudden/WZSG), Peter Wehmeyer (Direct Traffic Management Inc.), James Delamere (Stinson Owl-Lite & Stinson ITS), Michael Campbell Costello (Stinson Owl-Lite).
With the addition of these best in market companies, WZSG becomes a significant participant in the Canadian traffic services industry and extends WZSG’s reach into the North America market.
“We have been following the Canadian market closely for the past three years and are impressed with the focus on improved worker and passenger safety and digitalization. The combination of Stinson and Direct are perfectly aligned with our strategy of partnering with leading entrepreneurs with a passion for growing their companies while pushing our industry forward”, says Bora Gulan, CEO of WZSG.
“We have built our businesses by being focused on traffic safety innovation and WZSG couldn’t be a better fit for us. We look forward to growing with our new team and bringing many fresh ideas and technologies to the Canada traffic industry”, says James Delamere, President of Stinson Owl-Lite and Stinson ITS. Peter Wehmeyer, President of Direct Traffic adds, “This exciting new venture uniquely positions us to bring the vast knowledge and experience of a global group of companies to the Canadian traffic management industry”.
The Stinson and Direct companies will continue to operate independently under the WZSG umbrella to provide the same great products and services their customers expect. The companies will also collaborate to lead the industry by introducing world leading digital traffic management services and a new focus on sustainable business practices to the Canadian market.
Stinson Equipment Limited O/A Stinson Owl-Lite is Ontario’s largest traffic safety sign and devices manufacturing and distribution company with a dedicated staff of over 90. With three locations, Stinson Owl-Lite also serves the Ontario marketplace with a large temporary traffic control equipment rental fleet and truck safety upfitting division.
Stinson ITS Inc. is a traffic technology company based in Vaughan Ontario that distributes and integrates a wide variety of traffic management hardware and software solutions.  This includes industry leading permanent traffic sensors systems as well as temporary workzone digital traffic management technologies enabled by the internet of things (IoT) devices. 
Direct Traffic was established in 2010 as a values driven traffic control services company. Since then Direct Traffic has established itself as the leader in the market with a focus on quality of work, safety and customer service. Direct Traffic operates in two locations in the GTHA, with the head office in Hamilton and a location in Mississauga.